Thursday, September 6, 2012


If you haven't noticed already through my recipe sources and posts, Joy the Baker and Shutterbean are my two favorite bloggers. Their recipes are amazing, and I love the writing and photography on their websites. The way they blog and live their lives is so wonderful and inspiring. 
I listen to their weekly podcasts over and over again because they are so funny, entertaining and informative (very informative; I'm not kidding). I love hearing them talk about anything and pretty much everything. When they asked dudes last week to request topics for them to talk about I immediately wanted my dad to call because he loves the podcast as well! I introduced it to him this summer while we were on a long road trip. It didn't take as long to reach our destination because time flew with Joy and Tracy. He likes their red flag podcast the best, so he called to ask Joy and Tracy to request more talk about red flags. 
Turns out, his call was included in their podcast this week! Eeks!! I was so excited when I heard his call this afternoon while catching up with their latest episode, 'Dude, Where's My Podcast?' since I love listening so much. It was so odd and awesome to hear my dad talk on such a great website. He didn't openly freak out as much as I did when he listened, but you could definitely tell that he was super excited! 
His call shows up around 20:20. Check it out if you aren't a regular listener already! And while you're there, listen to the other 62 of them. Time well spent. 

Thanks for including the call, Joy and Tracy!! 
You're the best! Keep podcasting. 

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