Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Useful Bread

This past weekend, my brother, John, and his girlfriend, Ally, came home to visit us. Ally brought us this amazing sweet potato struan from Sticky Boy Bread and it was absolutely delicious. Although we ate the majority of it straight up or with cheese, John also made croutons.

He cut up the bread, threw in some olive oil, and then sprinkled it with garlic salt.

To be honest, I didn't think they would be that great for some reason but I absolutely loved them! I meant to get a picture of the final product but forgot. They were also gone before I remembered.

Torn into a salad:

On Sunday, my mom made french toast with the remaining bread. Again, delicious!

This bread has definitely made me want to bake and cook with sweet potato!

 Here's an awkward picture of the final product....

In other carb news, we made pretzel mozzarella rolls. We added spinach to several of them and it was fabulous!

Here's how the process went:

Recap: buy sweet potato struan, use it in several different ways, and make pretzel mozzarella rolls with spinach. 




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