Monday, November 12, 2012

Bummer Musings on a Monday

It's always a bummer when something you have high hopes for does not turn out the way you expect it to. Whether it be a recipe or something else entirely, it is unfortunate when it happens. 

I was so excited for these malted chocolate chip cookies this weekend, but they actually turned out to be pretty awful. 

Super flat, weird in color... dare I say bendable fresh out of the oven before they became overly crisp? 
Just a few unappetizing adjectives to describe these cookies. The fact that I accidentally burnt one sheet did not help the situation either. 

Although these cookies (among other things) might be a dump along with this Monday, look forward! Thanksgiving is next week! Happy days! 


  1. i'm sorry to hear that your cookies didn't turn out well :( but sometimes a recipe doesn't work....

  2. Must have been something off with the recipe. Your cookies are usually fantastic. You could probably perfect the recipe ...... Or move on to that perfect chocolate chip cookie you make.

  3. Wow! Thanksgiving IS next week! Must start planning recipes :) And I completely
    feel you on kitchen disasters... made muffins this morning and the glaze for them would not come together and curdled (needless to say they are not making there way onto the blog)!

  4. oh no!! so sorry to hear that! i get sooo frustrated when something doesn't turn out the way I want it to and i have such high hopes for it!

  5. I think there was too much flour and not enough sugar. it was super weird!

  6. I'm so sorry your cookies didn't turn out!



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