Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Avocado White Cheddar Grilled Cheese


Some things are really easy to mess up. Examples include going a full day without tripping, taking a bad photograph and letting flowers die.

On the contrary, some things are really easy to get right. Examples include procrastinating and tearing paper.

Now it is time for another category: things that are super easy to do, but at the same time, you can seriously mess up if you just cross that thin line. This category includes walking, cooking caramel and making grilled cheese. Grilled cheese is so easy, simple and delicious to make, but it can turn out to be pretty terrible, too. Hard, burnt and plasticy orange are not components that should be in a grilled cheese.


The perfect grilled cheese starts with the essential ingredients: butter, cheese and bread, among other items.


After you gather your essentials, prep by slicing your green fruit.


Smear butter on one side of each piece of bread, and lay down flat. Spread cream cheese on one side of the open-face sandwich and then place the sliced avocado on top. Next? The cheese.


Smash it together, and heat a skillet.


Remember to cook until golden brown, not burnt. Fine, fine lines if you forget about what you're doing...


Avocado White Cheddar Grilled Cheese
per 1 sandwich

1 tablespoon unsalted butter
2 pieces of bread
1/2 oz. cream cheese
1/2 avocado, sliced
generous chunk white cheddar, shredded or sliced 

Spread the butter on one side of each slice of bread. Place butter side down on a plate and spread the cream cheese on one piece of the bread. Place avocado slices on top of the cream cheese, followed by the white cheddar. 
Heat a small skillet over medium low heat and then place your sandwich in the skillet. Cook until golden brown, slice in two, and serve immediately. 


  1. love to have it,delicious!!

  2. This sounds totally amazing!! Love avocado, but I never know what to do with it - so this is definitely going on my list!

  3. I love grilled cheese sandwiches and avocado but I've never thought of combining the 2! I can't wait to try this!

  4. Avocado is my ultimate comfort food (and hangover cure)! This looks so freaking delicious...I haven't had grilled cheese in forever. That needs to change.

  5. The ladies in my office have been gabbing about avocados since the beginning of January and now seeing this post I'm going to jump on the bandwagon. I've never had avocados and white cheddar! It must taste delicious! I'm going to the store and the bakery so I might make this later!! =) YUM!!

    Ergo - Blog

  6. Caz@separatetoastersJanuary 15, 2013 at 12:28 PM

    I love grilled cheese with avocado. I'm not always successful at getting the cheese to melt enough. Your grilled cheese looks perfect!

  7. I'm awful with keeping plants/flowers alive. But terrific at making grilled cheese.

  8. same! this year i really want to get into gardening (other than simple herbs, basil, etc.) and improve my green skills.

  9. Michelle @ MakeMeCake.MeJanuary 25, 2013 at 9:19 PM

    Holy delicious!! That looks fantastic!



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