Tuesday, June 25, 2013

a return, in pictures


Well, hello there! Long time, no blogging. The long, extended break I have just had from this blog was not intentional, but something that happened and played out by itself before I knew it. It was not only a time where I lost inspiration (just a bit) to write consistently about new foods I've made, but when I also found myself wrapped up with other commitments that drew me away from not only my blog, but other blogs as well. I have not been reading as many blogs recently, and have obviously not contributed to my blog, but this break has filled me with ideas for what I want to do and so many things that I want to make.

Although I haven't spent quite so much time on my blog, I have been spending time in the kitchen. Not as much time as usual, but I still made a bunch of delicious goods during this blogging break. Even though I haven't blogged about everything I have made in these crazy three months (!) I've been absent, I have taken pictures and would like to share these with you today. These are a collection of pretty much all baked goods I made this past spring but have not shared here. I would like to do a separate post for pretty much all of the things I have made and have not blogged about before, but that would become a bit boring and repetitive since I only have one or two different kinds of photos for each thing I have made. So, I just decided to compile them into one giant post.

However, I am looking forward to posting new recipes in the future, and am happy to get back into being active again with not only my blog, but other blogs that I love and have sadly fallen out of touch with. I have still been reading many of my favorite blogs, but have not been commenting or waiting quite as anxiously as I usually do for each new post. To come back to blogging, though, I will now tell you about (almost) everything I have made during the break .


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